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Gain maximum ROI by capitalizing on data-driven behavioral insights of customers


Did you know

  • South East Asia makes up 2nd highest number of visitors on TAB.
  • Average time a visitor spends on TAB is 8 mins 30 seconds, while the average number of pages viewed is 6.70

Go beyond conventional modes of generalized advertising. Find newer channels and modes of advertising that guarantee results for you. Truckaurbus accumulates data from prospective and existing customers across various channels, from on-ground traditional buyer to the virtual world (across social networks and the mobile web) to provide you a hollistic understanding of the voice of the market.

Uncover granular customer segments, run analytics backed advertising campaigns on a high-performance and structured Truckaurbus framework. Tap into our extensive user base across India and World to promote your championed products and services.

From small one off adverts, to fulfilling marketing budgets and nationwide campaigns - advertise locally, nationally or a targeted segment - Truckaurbus empowers you with unique tool set that caters to all your requirements.

Get your ad on Truckaurbus today

Truckaurbus is a premier gateway for marketers and agencies to reach customers, senior-level business and technology decision-makers and investors worldwide in the commercial vehicles' sector. We are India's only dedicated commercial vehicles portal with the highest footprint through our numerous offerings - New commercial vehicles, Used Commercial vehicles, Spares retailers, auto service providers and Fleet owners. Our diverse audience spectrum provides unique opportunities for numerous industries up and beyond commercial vehicles.

As pioneer of commercial vehicles marketplace we focus on the seamless delivery of information and factual data on the desktop, mobile and the socialweb, thereby offering marketers an unmatched, high-quality audience worldwide. Our audience are active and reach us with purpose - thereby offering the highest conversion rates and the most qualified leads.

Combined with a robust audience pool,  and a cutting edge and intutive advertising platform backed with intelligent data insights -  you will seamlessly connect with your audience.





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