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Leads Generation and Automation

Leads generation with Truckaurbus for Dealers


Leap Frog the Competition with direct-response intelligent lead automation services


Did you know

  • On an average 60% of all new commercial vehicles queries on TAB are about dealers and dealer services.
  • 2 out of 3 prospective customers on TAB look to buy a new vehicle within a Week 

Selling new commercial vehicles successfully is challenging business, especially when you have a highly competitive market like India. One of those challenges include the need to generate contiguous and qualified leads to ensure sustainable sales growth. It is thus, pivotal to have direct-response campaigns that encourage prospective customers to pursue definite buying actions.

We endeavor to provide dealers and OEMs aTruckaurbus-based sales automation lead management ecosystem that is designed for unique needs of today's high-velocity sales environments, simplified tracking and maximization of sales.

Our sophisticated yet seamless lead routing system ensures that your lead management team in tandem with Truckaurbus stay focused on the best opportunities to close more deals while ensuring no single lead is squandered away. We prioritize buy-in calls, update responses, and facilitate communication between the customer and the dealer, thereby establishing a straight uncluttered and direct channel for your sales personnel for better productivity.

Key Features

  • Leads workflow designed to suit all dealerships, regardless of the size and city. 
  • Easy to use online web-interface accessible on all devices, PC and Mobile.
  • Notification of new leads, lead action or escalation sent via email and/or SMS1.
  • Direct response real-time communication system to put dealers in charge as soon as leads are spotted.
  • Synced2 with Dealer inventory at all times.
  • Intuitive scores and tags for easier understanding of leads conversion probability.
  • Custom rules set3 to match individual dealer specifications and requirements.
  • Rigorous and constant follow up process till sales completion.
  • Seamless integration with ongoing marketing campaign with Goals and Tracking.
  • Automatic routing to your specific member of your sales team.
  • Test-drive and showroom visits schedules.
  • Full lifecycle reports from lead capture to close, including comprehensive monthly performance reports
  • 12x7 Support team for Dealer assistance. Optional dedicated Support manager for bigger dealerships.


1 Currently support for system generated automatic Push SMS or keyword based Pull SMS. A dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android devices is in development. 

2 Based on the inventory (current number of vehicles at your dealership available) details you share with us our platform algorithm routes leads to your dealership. If you are the sole dealer in the city leads are generated irrespective of your inventory status

3 Custom rules set define special instructions that are applied when leads are generated. As an example, this may include limited special offers for prospective buyers from TAB or may include operational instructions like discard of leads that have been serviced in the past.


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