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Dealer marketing solutions


Showcasing your dealership on TAB


Did you know

  • On an average 60% of all new CV queries on TAB are about dealers and dealer services.
  • 2 out of 3 prospective customers on TAB look to buy a new vehicle within a Week

The future of Commercial Vehicles sales is the Internet and more specifically the mobile web. In 2014, over 100 million Indians had smartphones  - making the internet more accessible and thereby guiding New Commercial Vehicles' purchase decisions based on the web information. As a highlight, of the web as a growing source of commercial vehicles' information - we at TAB see a steady increase of over 65% new users every month.

It is therefore imperative to have online presence. Truckaurbus along with EDGE provides an effective combination of tools and platform that turn Commercial vehicles dealerships into effective online competitors. We offer a seamless and easy to use marketing platform to pitch forward your online presence to eager prospective customers.


  • Showcase your inventory

    • Dealership Listings
    • New and used CV inventory
    • Dealership pages
    • New vehicle showroom
  • Advertising

    • Creative services for custom ads
    • Dedicated pages to showcase special pricing on vehicles, service, and parts
    • Dealers' exclusive Deals and Offers
  • Leads Management

    • Lead routing
    • Leads automation
    • Call tracking
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