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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics for OEMs and Manufacturers


Uncover insights quickly and discover nascent opportunities on multiple platforms and devices with predictive analytics from Truckaurbus EDGE


Did you know

  • TAB business applications are based on Hybrid Transaction / Analytical Processing (HTAP) for faster in-memory operations.
  • Unlike other market vendors TAB does not offer merely a platform for Insights but also includes in-house data collected from various channels spread across the virtual web and the real world.
  • You could plug-in your own data streams along with TAB in-house data seamlessly for cohesive insights of your business process.
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Today's Commercial Vehicles' markets are highly competitive and volatile - especially in India. OEMs must move beyond traditional strategies and explore newer data driven technologies that help interpret the fine print for a profitable market ubiety. Data is omnipresent - whether its online, in vehicle telematics or at your manufacturing plants. Online data especially is obscure and at times inconsitent.

We at Truckaurbus recognize this exigency to enable Commercial Vehicles OEMs derive most relevant value from this exploding Big Data. Our powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) platform EDGE, combines factual and comprehensive data sets from across Truckaurbus networks with built-in expertise and intelligence to help you forsee and influence business outcomes.

Spot nascent customer needs or respond to risks before it happens with our contiguous data streams, predictive modeling and realtime analytics. We bring you unprecedented insights for the Commercial Vehicles sector with hands on data for consumer behaviors, segmented geo-demographics break-ups and key adversary alignments to help you acquire newer actionable intelligence and build your competitive advantage.

  • Analyze Customer Segments

    Understand customer segments and, their product and purchase preferences. Strategize your marketing and vehicle design/developement to align with your customers need and reason
  • Quantify Customer Potential

    Appraise revenue potential prospects that customers will bring you. Assess customers' financial lifetime in advance to better understand future revenue flows.
  • Competitive Analysis

    Retune your competitive strategy by evaluating your competitors in real time across their products and services with powerful yet seamless visualization tools.
  • Prevent Customer Attrition

    Use our predictive models to identify customers being at risk to switch to a competitor brand. Proactively diagnose and alleviate potential gaps in your customer lifecycle communications strategy.
  • Quality Assessment and Management

    Assess Truckaurbus' structured and unstructured factual field data to detect potential product issues, analyze culpable reasons, predict their impact before they happen. Deduce measures for production and aftersales service that help assuring quality and customer satisfaction.




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